Shipping time

As soon as we hear from you about shipping requirements, we will get to work scheduling a carrier. Vintage items generally ship within a few weeks, and may take a few more weeks to get to you. Made-to-order pieces will have varying shipping timelines. If you need an item by a certain date, let us know and we will do our best to get it to you in time. (Occasionally, this may incur an extra cost.) Curbside delivery is standard.

When a piece leaves our shop, we are no longer in charge of the delivery schedule. Our drivers are human beings managing complex schedules, which means there may be unexpected delays due to weather, traffic, or a million other factors that go into cross-country freight shipping. We do not issue refunds for delays or rescheduled deliveries.

Damage from shipping

Once a piece leaves our shop, the sale becomes final. We encourage everybody to unwrap their piece while the carrier is there and refuse delivery if there's a significant problem. If this happens, the you will need to file a claim with the carrier's insurance. We may be able to walk you through minor fixes, but they must be reported at the time of delivery.

Please visit our listing for "additional freight insurance" for more information on shipping insurance.

Condition designations

"Vintage condition" means the piece has had minimal work done to it and will have imperfections. We try to accurately photograph and describe flaws, but we can't guarantee we've noticed everything. Unless noted otherwise, these pieces will be functionally sound, have no structural issues, and not have any weird smells.

"Good restored condition" means that many, but usually not all, imperfections have been repaired. The piece will look great from two or three feet away, but will have some imperfections up close.

"Excellent restored condition" means that the piece has been fully restored and will be close to what it looked like when it was new. Since our items are 50+ years old, however, we can't guarantee perfection.

Please make sure vintage is right for you!

Most of our items are 60+ years old and have had long, full lives before they made their way to us. We pride ourselves on our commitment selling only beautiful, functional pieces and on our high standards for restoration work, but no vintage piece can ever be "like new." We do not refinish hidden surfaces, backings, or the insides of drawers unless otherwise noted, so you may encounter old glue drips on the underside of table, minor damage to an unfinished backing panel, or a child's drawing inside of a desk drawer. Additionally, despite our best efforts the shipping process may introduce a new wobble or shift an internal joint. If those don't sound like things you're comfortable with, vintage might not be the right choice for you.